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I'm often asked for help and advice from students and enthusiasts wanting to get into blacksmithing and artistic metalwork so hopefully this blog will develop into a useful resource with information on courses and blacksmithing training, useful and intersting books and articles and general tips and advice.

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3 Blacksmithing Books You Should Have in Your Collection

This is my top 3, best of from my own extensive collection of blacksmithing books. I've deliberately highlighted ones you may not be familiar with but they are blacksmithing books that have a particular resonance for me, and they are all books that never seem to gather dust on my shelf, all bent with grubby blacksmith thumb marks. As well as these three books there is clearly also a goldmine of books out there which have been read and reviewed many times, so rather than repeat, I have listed at the bottom of the page some useful sites where you can find great lists and reviews of blacksmithing books. Best For Inspiration: The Contemporary Blacksmith Dona Z. Meilach (2000) This is a huge book

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