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I'm often asked for help and advice from students and enthusiasts wanting to get into blacksmithing and artistic metalwork so hopefully this blog will develop into a useful resource with information on courses and blacksmithing training, useful and intersting books and articles and general tips and advice.

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Artist Blacksmithing and Design in Metal Sculpture

Design is key to decorative metalwork. This may seem an obvious statement, but over the years I have found that many craftspeople are more led by training and technique than design, asking first ‘what can I achieve using this method’ rather than ‘what is the image I am seeking to create’, a question which leads the artist to find techniques that will achieve the desired result so that the final product is not compromised. In many ways I have lagged behind many of my fellow smiths in my skill set and my technical abilities, all of which I have struggled to learn through necessity, having no formal training or the grounding of an apprenticeship. In fact many traditional smiths are unhappy abou

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